2 October 2008


Well I've done it - 'I've joined my first swap! I know my forward partner - it's a round robin - and I've started 'stalking'!

I'm ridiculously excited - and also I'm chuffed to find out that she likes a lot of what I like - chocolate, cats, woolly stuff, things from Lush and The Body Shop (sounds like an excellent excuse to go shopping!). She's also a foody who clearly enjoys cooking and she likes a good read. (different tastes there though - I'm not sure that many girlies are quite as into sci-fi as I am.)

I've already got a few plans - the swap is a favourite colour swap and her favourite colour is one of my faves too - so no probs there. I know what I want to do for the hand made bit and I'm itching to get stuck in - thank goodness it's nearly the weekend.

It's a secret swap so there are a few things I'm not sure about - still I'm sure that it'll all become clear as I participate. There's nothing like doing something in order to learn about it.

I've got my camera back in use today - so can take pics - but still can't trasfer them - so annoying!

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