2 October 2008


Does anyone reading this know a bit about knitting looms? I've come across them on Ravelry and am intrigued. I've read a bit and would like to have a go - my main question is this: what are the best brands? also where would I find them? I've seen some on Amazon but don't know if they're the best starter looms - I'd like to make something useful like a hat or a scarf or possibly socks or gloves but don't really have enough information to choose. I've asked a few questions in the groups on Ravelry but I've not had a response so I thought I'd throw it open on the old blog in the hope that someone out there might offer some insight.


bunnits said...

Duh. I must be so dense! I don't know whether my first comment with the knitting loom info went through because I don't know if I typed in the word verification letters correctly. I'm sorry to load up with your comments with silliness. If you didn't get the first one with the info, message me at Ravelry where I'm "archaeologie" (best)or

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Can't help you on the looms. I've seen them myself and been curious about them especially for hats or socks