1 January 2009


I wonder what all your new years resolutions will be...

I often don't make them but this year I have a few as follows:

  • Open an Etsy shop (and maybe one on Folksy too)
  • Do a 'how low can you go?' and spin a really fine yarn
  • learn to spin thick again
  • learn to spin to DK, aran etc
  • make some super fun art yarns

Well that's it - nothing too daunting or groundbreaking - but I'd be chuffed if I can shift off my wobbly bits and do the above ;-D

If you have resolutions - crafty or otherwise, do tell........


peahen said...

Maybe not groundbreaking, but you have to have dreams and aspirations! Do keep us posted. Mine is to try to be more creative and design my own yarns and patterns rather than following other people's.

Kari Gibson said...

Good resolutions! I haven't made mine yet, but a healthier new year would be a good start.

Oh, The Verve... how lovely..

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I never make them cause I always break them. lol
Do open an Etsy shop. It's so much fun.