6 July 2008


I'm going to break with tradition here and talk about blogging rather than spinning. I'm so excited by it all - I hadn't been prepared for how easy it is to blog - I thought there was some sort of magic and I couldn't possibly be a party to it!

No really - if you've been tempted to have a go and have not yet done it - DO IT SOON - now , even - it isn't as hard as you think it's going to be. Ok there are the banging the head against a wall moments - but equally there are the epiphanies "Oh ... that's how you do it'. Then there are the ' oh... I wonder HOW I did that (but I'm glad I did)' moments, (or I wish I hadn't!).

There have been some other fun happenings along the way - the first time someone looked at my site (as shown by the counter), the first time someone who wasn't family looked at my site, the first comment made about an article I'd written. Then I joined some webrings - fun places where like minded people link their blogs together - and viewing figures went up (by one or two a day - but hey it's still good to feel appreciated!) and now I have a friend - someone who has a lovely blog all of her own. So, let me reiterate - if you're humming and hahing - just go do it - it's fun.

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Kyra said...

Hello! Just stumbled over from the Fiber Arts Blogger webring. What an interesting blog you have! I agree - it's been fun being a blogger and getting to various milestones. Mostly fun to share info about our love of fiber arts - in my case in quilting and quilt history.

Best, Kyra