14 August 2011

Spinning in the Museum Gardens (and puppy update)

We were very lucky yesterday - we had lovely weather for spinning and it's a lovely setting. A lot of people don't realise that Harlow museum has beautiful walled gardens - there's a knot garden with lavender, large lawns and paved areas with seating (where we gather to spin) and some lovely planting. I found a couple of dye plants which we may be able to use for our dyeing in October - Solidago (golden rod) and Tansy

The museum is very interesting in itself - with the Roman history of Harlow, bits on the Anglo-Saxons and a room full of exhibits for each decade of the 1900s - you will see stuff your grandma was using! The old bicycles are worth a look too.

There were only a handful of us yesterday but it was still a nice meet - we had a few newbies which was really nice and I continued to spin the yarn I started last weekend at the Sammy Rally - a blend of pink silk (from the travelling tea box) and Samoyed fur from last year's Sammy rally.

My In-laws visited the pups yesterday - they were all very good (the pups that is).

Here are number one, four and five looking much more grown up now.


bunnits said...

The pups are adorable and growing so fast! Glad to hear the in-laws, oops,I mean pups, were good while the in-laws were there.

I love to go to our local living history museum to spin. That's where I learned when I worked there for seven years. i don't get up there to volunteer as much as I'd promised when I quit working there, but now and then I make it up there and always wonder why I don't go more often.

Question: I had the current moon gadget on my blog, looked just like yours, but it has been inoperable for some time, so finally I changed it for another that I don't like as well. Have you had any trouble with yours? Thanks.

Spinnerlady said...

My moon thing seems to work generally - my blog counter is somewhat random though. Had a look at your moon thing and I quite like it in it's own right.

It is nice to spin at the museum - it's a good environment - and full of enthusiastic and interesting people.