3 October 2010

Spoonflower Fabrics

This is a slight divergence from the things I normally talk about - It has nothing to do with fibre - although there is a crafty link in that I can use the fabric I design for finishing/lining other knitty/crochety/felty projects.

To the point - for years now I have been playing around with different programmes to make repeat patterns. I used to use a lot for 'teabag papers' and backing papers for card making, but I'd always wanted to be able to use some of the designs to create fabrics - I had a little dalliance with crafty cumputer papers where you can buy fabric backed with paper which goes through a home printer - but the biggest you can do is A3 (unless you pay a lot for a fancy printer) and in reality not many printers go bigger than A4.

Recently I discovered Spoonflower an American company that will print your designs for you - and even better sell them to other people - hurrah my dreams were answered :-D I couldn't wait to set up my own shop.

I've been playing around and I now have my first handful of designs for sale - first you have to order test swatches to check how they print out - I've had a few surprises. Often the designs about which I'm most confident surprise me by not printing as I'd imagined and the ones about which I'm not sure turn out better than expected! Ho hum.

Any way yesterday I took all the swatches I've received so far outside and photographed them - so here they are.

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FiberArtisttoo said...

The ones that look like kalidescopes are really beautiful. I might have to give that company a try.