25 March 2009


A couple of weeks ago our guild held a Rush Weaving workshop - taught by Olivia Elton Barrett at Widford Village Hall.

It was a great day - fun, interesting and well taught. We had the opportunity to make a variety of things - three of us made hats (myself included, as I've wanted to make a rush hat for quite a few years), one person made a rather fabulous herringbone pattern mat and the rest made baskets of various shapes.

When we arrived Olivia was setting out her tools and finished objects on different tables, and I had a moment of weakness at this point, as she had so many lovely things displayed - I wavered because of the cutest little bag - essentially an oblong, tall 
basket with fabric handles woven through it - I really wanted one - still do in fact, and it turns out that Olivia holds open house meetings where it is possible to develop rush weaving skills further......

I did manage to stick to my guns though - I reminded myself of how long I'd wanted a rush hat and that I'd spent the previous afternoon making my hat mould!

My first rush weaving:

I was so inspired that when I got home I immediately made my own version of the bag with the only useful material I had to hand - felt. It's a bit floppy, and when I tried to wet felt it the floppiness was exacerbated slightly, but I still have hope for it, I just need some bag stiffening and some lining fabric!


Corvus said...

I love and want that hat.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

That is so cool. I love your hat.
Good job.