14 September 2008


We had a guild meeting Saturday where we used the guild rigid heddle looms. Several of us keep a loom which belongs to the guild and, because we have these looms each year a workshop is done specifically for rigid heddle weaving.

This year the chosen project is a rag rug bag - I believe it's based on a pattern from Handwoven magazine - simplified for us idiot beginner weavers!

The guild member who ran the workshop put in lots of work preparing instructions suitable for non-weaving folk, finding out what colours we'd like and sourcing the yarn. She also warped up looms for people and helped others with their warping up. Besides all that she baked some lovely goodies for morning coffee and afternoon tea - so well done her - we all award her a medal.

It was a good day - everyone was in good spirits. I was the only one who hadn't warped up - so used the time to warp up and get started - I'll add photos & progress reports here as I have them.

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