20 August 2008


I had planned to do a little post on how to do a curlicue today - however someone drove into the back of my NEW car today, so this evening was actually spent phoning insurance companies - and being annoyed - especially at the relentlessly cheerful hold messages!

So curlicue tutorial will follow soon........


lonewolf said...

You have been very brave today, my love and I am very proud of you. I am praying that something good happens to you to make up for today's bad luck.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I'm so sorry. I hope things will start to look up. It's such a hassle calling insurance companies.

bunnits said...

Sorry to hear about your car problem. Hope everything works out to your satisfaction.

Yes, that thing about finding lost objects does seem to be pretty consistent. I don't know how many times it seems to work out that way, but it's more the norm than not. Sort of the "Quick! Start looking for something else and it will turn up."

I enjoyed your post about spinning in the museum gardens, too. I do mostly 1850's living history. It is a nice break from today's rush, rush, rush.

Take care.