27 April 2008


Many apologies for having been away for a while - computer problems :-( now mostly sorted, although my photos are on one computer and I'm typing this on another - so please forgive any delays in adding photos to posts!

A couple of weeks ago I had an "uninspired by life" moment - I paced the house for a while contemplating various potentially exciting snacks and nibbles - I fiddled on the computer - which wasn't being very helpful - "cannot find server", "this page has expired" etc., and then I fell upon the idea of playing with some fibre - something different - a bit of fun - so I rummaged in the stash and found a heap of different coloured merino tops (see pics). I divided these into two piles - greens and bright pink in one and warm colours in the other.

I chose to do something with the first pile and weighed the Merino - 65g pink, 110g mixed greens. I then hummed and hahhed for a bit before deciding that I wanted a slightly chunkier yarn than I normally spin and that I wanted an overall greenness with splashes of pink. This led me to take pieces at random to pre-draft in pairs of colours. I took alternately two pieces of green merino then a piece of green and a piece of pink. I spun these into a singles yarn which I then Navajo plied - this was to keep the pink in it's separate "blobs" and also because Navajo plying produces a 3 ply yarn it's a little thicker.

I have produced three skeins and I have some of the pink merino tops left and one of the greens. I shall probably spin these up to one plain pink batch and a plain green one.

I am undecided as to what to do with it now - I'm very pleased with the yarn - it's quite girly - and some of my favourite colours - so perhaps something for myself? hmmmm - I'll think on it.

In the meantime what shall I do next? more colours? perhaps some cellulose fibre or maybe a bit of drop spindling............

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