9 March 2008


There are many sources of fibre - it's not uncommon to find people who have a few sheep in their garden who have fleeces to find homes for - very often these fleeces are simply given away to whoever would like them - however these fleeces are frequently not the finest!

There are quite a few websites that sell fleece and tops - below are some of my favourites:


P & M Woolcraft

Wingham Wool Work

My favourite shop is The Handweavers Studio in Walthamstow - only a short drive for me and sooo exciting to visit - I would advise taking cash only and no cards otherwise you WILL overspend! there is a website which I will find asap (but the shop's better):

It's also possible to find hand dyed fibre on ebay some ofwhich is really stunning - it's certainly worth a look.

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